Where did that come from?

Creativity doesn't survive isolation. It's a tricky balance...feeding creativity and then letting it live and do by itself. Too much food, not enough doing. Too much doing, the creative flow dries up. So, what feeds mine? Several things. How about a sampling? Blue Columbine was set in a place that I knew. I spent seven… Continue reading Where did that come from?


Help for the Mid-Week Hurdle Give-Away

My son just wandered out of his room, sleep heavy on his drooping head, not really ready to get up. It's Wednesday. I love my summer; no schedule, living up life. But watching him drag himself to the couch like it might be his final steps before he completely collapses reminded me that there are… Continue reading Help for the Mid-Week Hurdle Give-Away


7-7-7 Challenge

I was tagged by my writing buddy Sarah Monzon. Seven lines from page seven, and then tag seven more authors. Okay…here goes. You're a better man than this. Ugh. That voice. Again. Forever intruding upon his life. What more did Mother want from him? He'd graduated from Stanford Law. He was a successful lawyer. Why… Continue reading 7-7-7 Challenge