7-7-7 Challenge

I was tagged by my writing buddy Sarah Monzon. Seven lines from page seven, and then tag seven more authors. Okay…imagehere goes.

You’re a better man than this.

Ugh. That voice. Again. Forever intruding upon his life. What more did Mother want from him? He’d graduated from Stanford Law. He was a successful lawyer. Why couldn’t she just be proud of him, rather than digging up his personal flaws and flinging pointy shards of metal at them? His chest seemed to cave, and a sharp ache pressed against his stomach. Great. Even halfway across the country and without actually saying a word, Mother’s disappointment could needle his gut.

~Blue Columbine

Now, for seven more writers…a trick since Sarah and I share a similar circle! Let’s see… Jeannie Kaye,  Dana Romanin, Crystal Sandow, Nike Chillemi, Sondra Kraak, Deb Read, Janette Foreman.

Great writers, all, and a pretty wide variety of genres and style. Can’t wait to see what they post!

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