Help for the Mid-Week Hurdle Give-Away

My son just wandered out of his room, sleep heavy on his drooping head, not really ready to get up. It’s Wednesday. I love my summer; no schedule, living up life. But watching him drag himself to the couch like it might be his final steps before he completely collapses reminded me that there are others out there (most?) who don’t have my sleepy summer life. So, how about a little help over the Wednesday bump?

Here’s my proposal….I’ll give away one kindle copy of a book to a random visitor. Just leave me a note in the comments of this post and we’ll pick a winner on Thursday. Be sure I have a way to connect with you, or just check back here or on my FB page http://www.facebook.com/authorjenrodewald.

This week’s book….image

God’s Daughter by Heather Day Gilbert

One Viking woman. One God. One legendary journey to North America.

“God’s Daughter offers a brave, fresh look at a lost way of life and the Vikings who left an indelible mark in history. Author Heather Gilbert weaves a riveting novel with unforgettable characters and circumstances, the first installment in a series sure to resonate with historical fans. The stunning cover is only the beginning!” ~ Laura Frantz, Christy finalist and author of Love’s Reckoning

Happy Wednesday! 🙂


  • Karen Salyer

    So I am more like you, no schedule at the moment because I work for schools. THAT always means time to read for fun instead of journals and research. And your book is my first of the summer and I am loving it. Almost done. Then on to a couple you mentioned being free on Kindle yesterday. Looking forward to retirement when I can read for fun all year long.

  • Floy Rockwell

    I’m all for a free book. Just started reading o n Kindle. Fought it for a while because love the feel and smell of a real book! Got Blue Columbine. Last week but Don took the Kindle and read it first. Said it was good and fun to know the author. Now it’s my turn and have just started.

    • Jen

      Don read Blue? How fun, thank you! Sometimes I still long for a real, actual book too, but the kindle is so much easier when traveling. 😀 thanks for popping in, Floy!

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