Screen Shots I Didn’t Think I’d Ever See…

Whoa. I don’t know what else to say. Just wow. Here’s why…

Screenshot 2015-06-24 06.42.45

and this…

Screenshot 2015-06-23 23.02.51

Maybe it will never happen again, but that’s okay! I’ll take it for today. Thank you all!


4 thoughts on “Screen Shots I Didn’t Think I’d Ever See…”

  1. Jennifer, I am not surprised. It is always good for a writer to discount their book to get it noticed. Unless I saw your book on an author’s blog or the like, I wouldn’t have found it two days ago. I read the synopsis and immediately downloaded the book. If others saw half of what I gleaned from the synopsis and first chapter, this book will do well. I rarely download a book without hesitation. If the author is new to me, I will find their website/blog and look for transparency in what they reveal about themselves. Maybe that is being too picky, but I value my reading time (limited for us moms) and I want good literature written by authors I respect. I can already tell this is great literature.

    I have 4 books to read in July with a mini summer book club that author Kristi Cambron set up, but I will read this in between or first thing in Aug. I am very excited and look forward to more from you. Thank you for your website and your overt faith.

    1. Thank you! Our time is very valuable, and we do have to find ways to use it well…thank you for spending some of yours with Blue. You have blessed me tonight, and I thank you for it!

  2. I gave your book 5 stars on Amazon. This is truly one of the best!! I loved the characters so much. The emotion of Andy and Jamie came through your writing so strongly. I can hardly wait for more from you!

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