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It’s time.

That makes me pretty nervous, but it’s time. I hope you’ll jump in with me.

I love Women’s Fiction. I love true-to-life, shift-your-thinking fiction that transforms. Maybe even redeems. I love writing those kinds of books, and I’m not done with them yet.

But almost four years ago, I had a vision for a different kind of book. Young Adult. Dystopian–(read darker, heavier, more challenging). When I outlined the idea and showed it to Superman, he got that concerned line in the between the eyebrows thing on his face. Yikes.

“Why this? It’s not really what you’ve been doing.”

I wasn’t sure how to answer him at the moment, other than I saw the story pretty clearly, and it challenged me–how I approach who I am and what I believe–and maybe more importantly, what I do with what I believe. Not one to say, don’t try it, you’ll fall on your face, Superman nodded and said, “I can’t see it, but I’m sure you can do it.”

And so The Uncloaked began.

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Finally, now it’s ready to face the world. Book one will release April 28th, and I’m biting my nails nervous about it. It’s not Women’s Fiction–not my brand. But it is a story that digs in deep, provokes thought, introspection, and maybe even a little change. That is me, that’s what I look for, because I don’t want to tread water in the pool of life. I want to move. To be challenged and changed and better for it.

I hope there are some Kindred Spirits out there looking for the same. But, if The Uncloaked just isn’t your cup of tea, I get it. We can still be friends. Right?


  • Lyndsey

    So glad to see authors branching out. It can definitely be hard to reach into a new genre and new audience. I personally love to see all that a person has not just one side. Thanks for taking the risk and maybe helping us all step out a little bit more. It is something I am learning myself. God has not called us to comfortable living.

  • Carol Tuchschmidt

    I think you’ll reach a lot of young people with this series. (And even some crusty older models!) I’ve only “met” you (via the first Murphy Brothers book) and I hope you won’t abandon women’s fiction entirely. Still friends, either way.

    • Jen

      I’m so glad we’re friends either way! 🙂 There are more Murphy Brothers Stories to come, so now worries! Thanks so much for dropping by–hope to hear from you again.

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