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A Novella…Just for Fun

Happy New Year!!!

I’m finishing up, and I’m getting excited.

Another novella is on the schedule–releasing Valentine’s Day, 2018. Why? Because it was fun. That’s really all. A different flavor than my full-length novels, and for me, it was another needed break from the deeper end of story. And, it was a chance to go back to Rock Creek (Reclaimed, Ordinary Snowflakes), to catch a glimpse of some characters I have loved, and to play around with a more humorous tale.

I liked it. I hope you do too!

So, on February 14, 2018, grab a cup of something steamy and delicious. Curl up with a cuddly warm blanket, and let Ms. Kirstin Hill–kitchen fail extraordinaire–tell you about her new life in Rock Creek… and how The Cupcake Dilemma kind of changed her life’s trajectory. And how somewhere along the way she found out that she did fit in. Had. The whole time.

Need a cover to seal the deal?

Drum Roll Please….

the cupcake dilemma mock up (6)


I hope you’ll come along with Kirstin and me back to Rock Creek in this light, Hallmark-ish story. Just for fun, and maybe a few laughs. Because it’s good medicine. The Bible even says so. 😉

*Available for preorder!


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