The Ache For More

I was thinking… The sermon series at our church has been themed on happiness. This week, in a dry tone, the pastor asked us to open to the last chapter, the last verse in the book of Cinderella… where we find that “they all lived happily ever after.” Then, he directed us to the last… Continue reading The Ache For More


Cupcake Release Day!!!

I can't even... I'm just so excited. I had the most fun with this book. Not my normal... but sometimes we've just got to mix it up, right? So today's the day!!! Please picture me squealing, dancing around the kitchen with my kids, who love this book as much as I did (except stop with… Continue reading Cupcake Release Day!!!

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A Novella…Just for Fun

Happy New Year!!! I'm finishing up, and I'm getting excited. Another novella is on the schedule--releasing Valentine's Day, 2018. Why? Because it was fun. That's really all. A different flavor than my full-length novels, and for me, it was another needed break from the deeper end of story. And, it was a chance to go… Continue reading A Novella…Just for Fun

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Great Christian Fiction Books for Teens, the tough middle grades edition

I'm late this week... so sorry! Traveling. Christmas gathering. Momming. You know... But we're back! And we've gathered our thoughts, prepared our selections. This time, we decided to focus on those tough middle years... I'm going to define that as 10-12 years old. I know others define it more broadly, but for our purposes here,… Continue reading Great Christian Fiction Books for Teens, the tough middle grades edition

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Great Christian Fiction Books for Teens, Part 2

Another week closer to Christmas... and we have more books for teens! As I sift through the options, I keep wondering why it can be such a challenge to find great stories by Christian authors for our teens? It seems like it's a little bit of a vicious cycle. Books stores often don't carry them--so… Continue reading Great Christian Fiction Books for Teens, Part 2

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Great Christian Fiction Books for Teens

  I'm a part of a large reading community, which also blurs into my smaller but thriving writing community. It's fun. I learn stuff from both groups, and like I said, the information often seeps from one group to another. One of the perennial topics I see in both groups goes something like, "what do… Continue reading Great Christian Fiction Books for Teens

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The Hangover

Catchy title, right? I know... clickbait. But not really. Today, I opened a file that has been languishing on my laptop since December of 2016. The one I've ignored because it didn't fit my project schedule for 2017--the year I dedicated to my dystopian trilogy. I opened that book, half written. It's a women's fiction,… Continue reading The Hangover

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Identity. Do You Know Yours?

Thinking about…. Identity. My kids’ youth group has been talking about this, and when the youth pastor and I were chatting, he was sharing about how profoundly important he felt like the discussion is. I completely agree. Knowing who you are… and who you are not willing to become… it’s like a runner putting in… Continue reading Identity. Do You Know Yours?


What will you do with what you believe?

This is the question God has me wrestling with right now. The theme of the final book in The Uncloaked trilogy, which I am finishing this week. I'm not sure of the answer. It seems like it should be easy to nail down... but it's not. Perhaps that's because I live a pretty cozy-comfy life.… Continue reading What will you do with what you believe?



"Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me, bless His holy name. Bless the Lord oh my soul, and forget none of His benefits." ~Psalm 103:1-2 The storm gathers. I feel the winds sweeping, growing in strength and chill. The gray clouds cluster, swirling, churning, warning. It has been for a… Continue reading storm