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The Rock Creek Romance Collection

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“Real. Redemptive. Relevant. Those are the words that best describe this fantastic new book by Jennifer Rodewald. This author knows how to weave a story that has all the essential elements of outstanding Christian fiction. The characters are 3 dimensional, the plot is well-developed, and the message is God-honoring. If you want to read a story that does more than entertain, then take a journey with Suzanna and Paul as they discover that God’s love is the only love that will heal their hearts and hold their love together.”

–Ransomed, Amazon reviewer


“As always, Rodewald’s writing is spot on – every word in perfect place, each smile and each tear and each blissful sigh drawn from the reader at precisely the right moment. If you have ever wondered whether God cares about you, if you have ever struggled to find peace, if you feel like you’re searching for something to fill the emptiness, this book is for you…. and for those of us who love people with the same questions.”

–MeezCarrie (Carrie Both Schmidt, 

"The characters are all impressively multifaceted, engaging with complex emotional strains and difficult issues of allegiance....Rodewald proves to be a formidable new voice." -Publisher's Weekly
Publisher's Weekly
Book Review
" incredible story of God's redemption and love that transforms not only the heroine, but everyone around her."
"When people claim Christian Fiction is superficial and unrealistic, they have not discovered Jennifer Rodewald and her Grace Revealed series... Redemption and forgiveness are hard fought in this story, with raw emotion bleeding from the page. Finding Evergreen is highly deserving of the investment of time and emotion!"

Stand Alones and Series-In-Progress

Don’t for get to check out Jennifer’s Young Adult books, published with Rooted Publishing under the name J. Rodes!

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