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A Novella…Just for Fun

Happy New Year!!! I'm finishing up, and I'm getting excited. Another novella is on the schedule--releasing Valentine's Day, 2018. Why? Because it was fun. That's really all. A different flavor than my full-length novels, and for me, it was another needed break from the deeper end of story. And, it was a chance to go… Continue reading A Novella…Just for Fun


Changes on the Horizon

It's time. That makes me pretty nervous, but it's time. I hope you'll jump in with me. I love Women's Fiction. I love true-to-life, shift-your-thinking fiction that transforms. Maybe even redeems. I love writing those kinds of books, and I'm not done with them yet. But almost four years ago, I had a vision for… Continue reading Changes on the Horizon

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Snowflakes, Hot Cocoa, and Hope

I love autumn, and I don't mean to rush it away, so bear with me as I jump into winter for a moment. I'm only doing so out of sheer delight. My first novella is releasing November 21, and I just can't wait for another second to tell y'all about it. So without more fluffy… Continue reading Snowflakes, Hot Cocoa, and Hope


Launch Day

Today is the day! Blue Columbine is live on Amazon. ~"Delicate. Humorous. And plumbing the depths of God's redeeming love." ~"This book does not disappoint. Instead it takes you through the emotional upheaval of loving someone with a problem you can't solve--and lets you witness the glory of the One who can." Best friends—maybe more—until… Continue reading Launch Day

Book Cover Release

So, what’s it about?

The slow trickle of news has a predictable outcome... "Oh, you wrote a book? What's it about?" So glad you asked... 😉 If you wander over to the WIP page, you'll find back cover blurbs for all the books I've been working on. Here, however, I thought it would be fun to post a snippet from… Continue reading So, what’s it about?

Book Cover Release


I'm pleased to share that Blue Columbine, a Christian Novel, will be releasing on Amazon later this spring! It's been a journey, and the road keeps twisting and turning, but it's been a joy, an education, and an opportunity to meet some amazing new people. I'm thrilled, to say the least! To celebrate, I'm sharing the cover for my… Continue reading Finally…