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Jennifer Rodewald Christian Romance authorChristian Romance author Jennifer Rodewald (or J. Rodes for Young Adult Fiction) lives on the wide plains somewhere near the middle of Nowhere. A coffee addict, chaser of teenage activities, and storyteller, she wears the hats of mom, teacher, and friend. Somehow she is both a realist and a romantic.

She writes faith-based stories of deeply moving romance with well-developed characters, real-life struggles, and the hope of happily-ever-after grounded in the goodness and faithfulness of God. She loves stories, and believes they can be powerful vehicles of truth and hope. Mostly, she loves Jesus and wants to see others fall in love with Him too, because HE is the real hope for that eternal happily-ever-after.

You can find a full list of Jennifer’s Christian romances HERE. If you’re curious about those Young Adult stories, check out J. Rodes’s book list HERE. If you’re interested in joining her newsletter where you can get to know her better, keep up-to-date with her books, and hear about weekly deals, go HERE (there’s a FREE novella involved!)

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  • Judy Matthews

    God has called me to be strong prayer warrior. I praise Jesus for what He went through for me. I really enjoy your books. They have so much depth in the bible and Christian belief. Thank you. I just finish the book about Jamey and Andy wonderful read. You are a God given author. God Blesss you and yours.

  • Alysa L.

    Jen, I truly felt compelled to tell you that I absolutely devoured Reclaimed in a single day, and beyond that, it led me, an atheist when I opened the book, to seek out a personal relationship with Christ upon closing it. Thank you for writing it, and for allowing me to open up this exciting new chapter in my life!

    • Jen

      Wow. Simply wow, Alysa. I am astounded at what God can do with my simple offerings, and with tears, I am rejoicing over you. I know Jesus is too! I will be praying for you, as you step into this new life with Him, that will find that He is everything. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

  • Valerie

    I wanted to thank you for writing Reclaimed. It spoke to me when I desperately needed words from God. My marriage is struggling because I found out my husband was not truly a believer and I did not know how to cope but your book reminded me to trust God and diligently pray for my husband. Things are far from perfect but I am in a better place and have found peace. I even have a screenshot of a passage in the book that reminds me to trust God on days I struggle. So thank you. You and your books have been a blessing.

    • Jen

      Oh Valerie, I have no words. I have added you to my prayer list and will be praying for you. I am glad my books have been a blessing, and I am honored by your comment. Thank you.

  • jangled

    Hello Jennifer
    I so enjoyed ‘Reclaimed’ Yours is the very first book I’ve read that deals with the problems Suzanna has, her cries echo my own…

    “Who are you? How can I love what I do not know?” Draw near and find me. She crumpled, her hands covering her face. “I don’t know how.”

    He will heal your wounds, set you free from anger, and give you peace. Seek Him, and you will be His.

    “How?” Suzanna cried to the empty park beyond her windshield. “God, I want to know you!” Draw near. Tears soaked her face, and she leaned back against the headrest of her seat. “I don’t know how.”

    “How do I know God?”

    “I’ve been trying to read the Bible. It’s not helping.”.

    I was the first in my family to be saved in **** in school at the age of ten but I have never managed to find a personal relationship with God.

    My family soon became saved and involved in church and my question of “How, how, how?” confounded my mom many times over the years.

    I know I’ve had the wrong image of God inside due to loss of my father through divorce and wrong ‘earning salvation’ teaching in church.

    I know I must try again to ‘draw near’ to God and to read the bible but I am loathe to be left feeling unmoved and empty yet again.

    Please pray for me, that I will find a way to connect with God. Thank you.

    • Jen


      You are so courageous to own this, so many do not want to say it out loud because it doesn’t seem spiritual. I promise, on the basis of God’s Word, you continue to seek Him and He will be found. I can remember several years ago sobbing on my bed as a newly wed telling my husband that he had a relationship with God, that made me jealous, and I didn’t know how to have that. Over the years since then, there have been seasons of rich growth and a sense of really walking beside Jesus, and seasons of drought and feeling lost. I don’t know why, I suppose it is the way of things in this life. But God is ever faithful, and I can honestly say He’s never left my hand empty, even when it seemed so.

      I have been reading Beth Moore’s Believing God this spring. I am caught in wonder and what an amazing insight she has outlined–the difference between believing in Him and really believing HIM. It has been a rich, soul deepening study. Have you read it?

      I can offer you no pat, formula answers, but this hunger for Him is from Him, I’m sure, and so I praise God for that on your behalf. I am also praying for you now and will continue to do so. He is closer than you may think.

      Thank you for trusting me with your heart in this. I am honored. ~jen

  • Kathy Wilkinson

    I just finished reading Blue Columbine and was skimming through the info after the final chapter. I noticed you were from southwestern Nebraska, I was totally shocked, I grew up in a small town in SW NE also and lived there until Dec, 2015. We moved to San Antonio to be closer to MDAnderson for treatment.
    I really enjoyed the depth of the characters you portrayed. The frequent Bible verses were very thoughtful. I’ve had a really rough year and a half with my father passing away suddenly in Feb, 2015 then my husband of 47 years diagnosed with brain cancer in Aug, 2015. Even with treatment, he only lived 10 1/2 months, passing away June 22, 2016.
    Inspiring books like yours, along with prayers of many people, have made this awful time more bearable, so thank you.

    • Jen

      Oh my word, Kathy. What a load you bear. I will pray for you right now. Thank you so much for your kind words…they are treasures to me. What town did you grow up in? We are in McCook, and have been for almost 14 years, so we probably have passed each other on 6/34! Crazy. 🙂

  • Sharee Gatto

    Hi Jenn!
    My mom just sent me a link to your site. I am a believer and was born in McCook and still have extended family there. I live in Thornton, Colorado now. Sort of a role reversal for us! I will definitely pick up one of your books. It’s hard to find good Christian fiction. Thanks for your obedience to God’s calling on your life! Prayers coming your way!

    • Jen

      Love this! Thanks so much for stopping in… and sorry it’s taken me SO long to see this! Not sure how I missed it! 🙁

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