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If you’re looking for that Christian romance author from the middle of Nowhere, you’ve found her! Officially, my name is Jennifer Rodewald. But my friends call me Jen. Also, I’ve written under the pen name J. Rodes. I’m a coffee addict, a pickleball enthusiast, and a storyteller, not to mention a city-girl transplant to rural Nebraska. Let me help you put that in perspective, in case you’ve never been to rural Nebraska: I drive nearly two hours to reach the nearest Target. Home Depot is closer to three hours away. We don’t have a Starbucks in our town, which is okay, and the dirt road that owns my street address will never be paved.

I love it. The town is sweet, yet complex. People are still people, with all that implies both good and bad. We learn to live together, because where else are we going to go? And, I see the stars. Like REALLY see the stars (the real ones. In the sky.)

I’m a mom, a teacher, and a friend.

I love Jesus, and I very much want to see others fall in love with Him too.

For links to books on my backlist, navigate to the books page. Also, occasionally I have something to blog about. For news about upcoming events, or glimpses of my heart and mind and why I do what I do, that’s the place to go. Or, you can sign up for my newsletter.

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I’m glad you’ve found this small town Christian romance author! Hang out–let’s chat. And if you must go, don’t be a stranger.

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