The Ache For Happily-Ever-After

I was thinking about happily-ever-after… The sermon series at our church has been themed on happily-ever-after. This week, in a dry tone, the pastor asked us to open to the last chapter, the last verse in the book of Cinderella… where we find that “they all lived happily ever after.” Then, he directed us to… Continue reading The Ache For Happily-Ever-After

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A Novella…Just for Fun

Happy New Year!!! I'm finishing up, and I'm getting excited. Another novella is on the schedule--releasing Valentine's Day, 2018. Why? Because it was fun. That's really all. A different flavor than my full-length novels, and for me, it was another needed break from the deeper end of story. And, it was a chance to go… Continue reading A Novella…Just for Fun

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The Hangover

Catchy title, right? I know... clickbait. But not really. Today, I opened a file that has been languishing on my laptop since December of 2016. The one I've ignored because it didn't fit my project schedule for 2017--the year I dedicated to my dystopian trilogy. I opened that book, half written. It's a women's fiction,… Continue reading The Hangover


Changes on the Horizon

It's time. That makes me pretty nervous, but it's time. I hope you'll jump in with me. I love Women's Fiction. I love true-to-life, shift-your-thinking fiction that transforms. Maybe even redeems. I love writing those kinds of books, and I'm not done with them yet. But almost four years ago, I had a vision for… Continue reading Changes on the Horizon


Why Kale?

So....Kale. Yeah, the character in Ordinary Snowflakes. That girl. I'm getting some interesting responses to her. Her name, actually. Some of the reviews are actually quite hilarious as they rant about this "hipster" name I've pegged this otherwise lovable character with. Super funny, because, well, they're just funny. And also because if you know me… Continue reading Why Kale?

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Snowflakes, Hot Cocoa, and Hope

I love autumn, and I don't mean to rush it away, so bear with me as I jump into winter for a moment. I'm only doing so out of sheer delight. My first novella is releasing November 21, and I just can't wait for another second to tell y'all about it. So without more fluffy… Continue reading Snowflakes, Hot Cocoa, and Hope


No Escape

Fiction… that imaginary place of story that becomes an escape. True. Sometimes. Not always. I live an ordinary life. We juggle the norm…joys, fears, tears, and the expected struggle to figure out this living thing so that we may do it well. If you were a fly on my wall, and you managed to escape… Continue reading No Escape


Where did that come from?

Creativity doesn't survive isolation. It's a tricky balance...feeding creativity and then letting it live and do by itself. Too much food, not enough doing. Too much doing, the creative flow dries up. So, what feeds mine? Several things. How about a sampling? Blue Columbine was set in a place that I knew. I spent seven… Continue reading Where did that come from?


7-7-7 Challenge

I was tagged by my writing buddy Sarah Monzon. Seven lines from page seven, and then tag seven more authors. Okay…here goes. You're a better man than this. Ugh. That voice. Again. Forever intruding upon his life. What more did Mother want from him? He'd graduated from Stanford Law. He was a successful lawyer. Why… Continue reading 7-7-7 Challenge