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If You Give a Writer a Pencil

My fourth grade daughter wrote a circle story this spring and she was asked to read it to the school board last night. So exciting! In honor of that fabulous occassion, and because I like a fun diversion, I thought I’d give it a go…. so here it is.

If You Give a Writer a Pencil

If you give a writer a pencil, she’ll ask you for a piece of paper.

You’ll give her a piece of paper, and she’ll sit and stare at it. A lot. Nothing will come to her, so she’ll continue to stare. Staring at the paper without any inspiration will make her want chocolate. She’ll go to the kitchen where the secret stash is kept.

On her way to the secret stash, she’ll pass the coffee maker.

She’ll think that coffee goes well with chocolate, so she will make some. Making the coffee will remind her that she should visit the bathroom. On the way, she’ll stub her pinky toe on the bathtub.

It will hurt. A lot.

She will think it is broken, so she will need to go to the doctor’s office. When she gets to the doctor’s office, she will be asked to fill out a bunch of papers. Holding the papers she’ll realize she didn’t bring a writing utensil. And chances are, if she didn’t bring a writing utensil…

She’ll ask you to borrow a pencil.

(I really did stub my toe today, just in case you were wondering. No doctors were involved however, I will accept any sympathy sighs you feel swelling inside your compassionate little tummies.) 🙂

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