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The Snowflake Hunt

I find myself in search of snowflake ornaments now. This is the first year I’ve experienced this obsession. Honestly, I don’t think I currently own even one of said decorations. But this woman—her name is Kale Brennan—has put into my heart a need to collect these things. Her story, which involves snowflakes, and hot cocoa,… Continue reading The Snowflake Hunt


The Carpenter’s Daughter Cover Reveal

It's all coming together. Two more weeks, and a handful of days, and Sarah Sharpe will launch from my imagination into the world. Can you tell that I'm excited? Good. Because I am. 🙂 So while I do a happy dance in my kitchen, which I can't show you, and you probably really don't want… Continue reading The Carpenter’s Daughter Cover Reveal


The Excitement is Building…

Final edits are coming this week for Reclaimed, my award winning novel and second release. I'm so excited! Thought I'd share a peek of part of the cover here, and post the blurb as well... Suzanna Wilton has had a heavy share of heartache in her twenty-seven years. Left wounded by a marriage cut short,… Continue reading The Excitement is Building…


Author Interview: Jeannie Kay

One of the things I've loved over the past few years while walking through this writing/publishing journey has been meeting some amazing people. Today, I'd love to introduce you to one I've had the honor to work with for about two years. This week’s give-a-way comes from author Jeannie Kaye, aka Jeannie K. Fulbright. Welcome,… Continue reading Author Interview: Jeannie Kay


Help for the Mid-Week Hurdle Give-Away

My son just wandered out of his room, sleep heavy on his drooping head, not really ready to get up. It's Wednesday. I love my summer; no schedule, living up life. But watching him drag himself to the couch like it might be his final steps before he completely collapses reminded me that there are… Continue reading Help for the Mid-Week Hurdle Give-Away


Launch Day

Today is the day! Blue Columbine is live on Amazon. ~"Delicate. Humorous. And plumbing the depths of God's redeeming love." ~"This book does not disappoint. Instead it takes you through the emotional upheaval of loving someone with a problem you can't solve--and lets you witness the glory of the One who can." Best friends—maybe more—until… Continue reading Launch Day