God-centered focus to cure pessimism

Stuck In Pessimism? Look up. Try God-centered focus.

Sometimes I need to refocus. Because discouragement and frustration can be symptoms of self-focus. I need God-centered focus.

(the following was originally written in 2014)

I was watching the Big Ten Network (don’t all good Nebraska wives do this on a Saturday night? Good thing I like football.) and the special feature snagged my attention. I mean really hooked my interest with one kid speaking.

“I’m blessed to wake up every morning.” The camera followed Shane Wynn of Indiana out of the locker room as his voice came over the tape. “Why not make it a good day?”

Wow. Out of the mouth of babes. (I so can’t believe I’m writing that about a college kid. Sheesh. Just last night, I told my hubby that the Cowboy’s coach looked too young to be coaching).

(insert 2023 Jen here . . . I can believe it. Full acceptance. I have college kids of my own now! Life is good.)

Back to the point. Attitude. Fresh, clean, exuberant attitude. That’s what Shane Wynn has.

Love it.

Let the beauty of nature inspire you to look up, to be more God-focused.

And, honestly, envy it a little bit. I’ve been stuck in a downer recently—my first thought in the morning has been, “why does morning have to come so early?” Yikes. What a way to start a whole new, unmarked day, right?

I did some looking yesterday, via google—I google everything. I was researching how to overcome pessimism. It’s possible, right? I hope. Several articles popped up on my screen, and I clicked on a few to see what Prevention Magazine and BHG have to say on the matter. You know, it was interesting. While I didn’t agree with all the advice, a pattern emerged that sunk into my skull.

Pessimistic people—negative people—focus on themselves. In everything, the focus lands on their belly-button, so to speak.

Ouch. Yeah, ouch.

God has this cure for self-centered living. It’s called looking up.

Look up! God centered focus can help overcome pessimism.

God-centeredness. In Experiencing God Henry Blackaby writes,

“To live a God-centered life, you must focus your life on God’s purposes, not your own plans. You must seek to see from God’s viewpoint, rather than from your own distorted human viewpoint.”

I can’t focus on me and on God at the same time.

I’m going to have to choose. And since I don’t like the sourness accumulating in my soul, I’m choosing Him. Me-centeredness isn’t working, so starting today, I’m looking up. I’m choosing God-centered focus.

How about you? Will you look up with me?

“… What would it be like if I woke up every morning as desperate for Jesus as I am for my cup ‘o caffeine?” Want more inspiration for your day? Check out Morning Desperation.

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