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    A sneak peek at In Spite of Ourselves (A Christian Romance Novel)

    A First Scene Preview! We are one week away from launching my next Christian romance novel! In Spite of Ourselves is a Potter’s House book (two), and it’s also the second book in the Murphy Brother’s story (pssttt… It’s about Jackson!). Best news? It’s going live into the world in ONE WEEK! So it’s time for a sneak peek, yes? Thought so… (and you’re welcome)! Oh! If you missed the first Murphy Brothers Story, you can check out Chapter One of Always You HERE. Okay, then! On with the show… Chapter One, scene one (in which Jackson faces his disaster…) Of all the ways he could have imagined this weekend…

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    Preview of When I Lost My Way (a Christian romance novel)

    A Chapter One Sneak Peek! The preorder is live, and we are about a month away from launch day for When I Lost My Way! In case you don’t know, this is book two in the Big Prairie Romance Series. Book one is When I Come Home Again, and you can check out chapter one of that book here.  Back to When I Lost My Way… If you’re the read the back cover before anything else type (I am!), here is that:  Their whirlwind romance takes the hard road toward happily-ever-after as disaster tests their love for each other and their faith in God’s goodness. Sophie Shultz smiles at her…

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    Christian Romantic Comedy: Check out The Cupcake Dilemma!

    I had the most fun with this book. Not my normal–my work usually ends up at the deeper end of things (Like The Carpenter’s Daughter, for example), but sometimes we’ve just got to mix it up, right? I LOVED writing this Christian romantic comedy! So much so, that release day was quite a party. Please picture me squealing, dancing around the kitchen with my kids, who love this book as much as I did (except stop with the kissing! Heheheh. They secretly love it, I think.) My husband even bought me a dozen cupcakes.  I thought I’d give you a little Ian and Kirstin teaser. A little kitchen disaster that…

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    A Novella…Just for Fun

    Happy New Year!!! I’m finishing up, and I’m getting excited. Another novella is on the schedule–releasing Valentine’s Day, 2018. Why? Because it was fun. That’s really all. A different flavor than my full-length novels, and for me, it was another needed break from the deeper end of story. And, it was a chance to go back to Rock Creek (Reclaimed, Ordinary Snowflakes), to catch a glimpse of some characters I have loved, and to play around with a more humorous tale. I liked it. I hope you do too! So, on February 14, 2018, grab a cup of something steamy and delicious. Curl up with a cuddly warm blanket, and…

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    Great Christian Fiction Books for Teens, the tough middle grades edition

    This week we’re doing a twist… Christian books for tweens. I’m late this week… so sorry! Traveling. Christmas gathering. Momming. You know… But we’re back with more great Christian fiction for teens! And we’ve gathered our thoughts, prepared our selections. This time, we decided to focus on Christian books for tweens–those tough middle years… I’m going to define that as 10-12 years old. I know others define it more broadly, but for our purposes here, we were thinking specifically of books that we felt like hit the sweet spot in that awkward, hard to pin down age group. So, without more wordiness from me, here we go… this week’s list…

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    Great Fiction Books for Christian Teens, Part 2

    Books for Christian Teens Another week closer to Christmas… and we have more books for Christian teens! As I sift through the options, I keep wondering why it can be such a challenge to find great fiction books for Christian teens? It seems like it’s a little bit of a vicious cycle. Books stores often don’t carry them–so publishers shy away from publishing them. Because we aren’t looking for them. But we don’t look for them because they can be so stinking hard to find, so publishers shy away from publishing them, thus, there aren’t many available for bookstores to carry. Does this sound about right? Speculation, on my part.…

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    Cover Reveal! The Resistance-A dystopian novel from a Christian world view.

    There’s something about getting the finalized version of a book cover. Makes all of the work seem like it’s been wrapped up, that awesome cover the final bow on the package. To be honest, I was nervous about this cover. This genre can be tough–I mean dystopian science fiction from a Christian world view? Talk about niche. Getting the first impression right is essential. I’ve seen some fairly meh covers for this genre (please note, I’ve seen some outstanding covers for YA spec/dystopian too. That’s where I wanted the cover for The Resistance to fall). I have to say, Roseanna White exceeded my expectations for this one! So, without anymore…

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    Changes on the Horizon

    It’s time. That makes me pretty nervous, but it’s time. I hope you’ll jump in with me. I love Women’s Fiction. I love true-to-life, shift-your-thinking fiction that transforms. Maybe even redeems. I love writing those kinds of books, and I’m not done with them yet. But almost four years ago, I had a vision for a different kind of book. Young Adult. Dystopian–(read darker, heavier, more challenging). When I outlined the idea and showed it to Superman, he got that concerned line in the between the eyebrows thing on his face. Yikes. “Why this? It’s not really what you’ve been doing.” I wasn’t sure how to answer him at the…

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    Giant Giveaway!!!

    Y’all! I’m super excited… Guess who’s participating in this promo? (Me!) Enter to win over 45 Inspirational Contemporary Romances, including books from authors like Susan May Warren, Melissa Tagg, Sarah Monzon, and Janet Ferguson. Talk about a BIG giveaway! Pretty sure you don’t want to miss it (I might just enter myself…except, can’t). 🙂 This giveaway ends soon, so make sure you hurry and enter! Good luck!   GO HERE TO ENTER > bit.ly/inspy-contemp