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Imaginary Friends and Real Life Lessons

The Carpenter's Daughter
Deeply Moving Christian Romance

Know what I love?

Learning. Truly, I do. I miss school. When my kids were younger, I signed up for correspondence courses, because I just needed to use my brain, to stretch my knowledge. To know that my life skills went beyond the laundry room. (Those skills aren’t very good, to be honest, so, yes, please! Let me be useful past the clean clothes journey!) I love research. I love trying things. I love discovering.

What does this have to do with anything?

Here’s what I love  most about writing:  I learn. These imaginary friends who live in my head, open their wounded souls to me, they teach me things that I couldn’t know otherwise. Because I see the world through their eyes (no, it’s really not through mine. I don’t know how that works, but it’s true), I see life differently.

I begin to love differently.

These imaginary friends bring me real-life lessons, and they change me. For the better. I pray, as I share stories, that this is true for readers as well.

So, tell me. What have you read that taught your heart something new? I’d love to hear what has changed your perspective!

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