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Snowflakes, Hot Cocoa, and Hope

I love autumn, and I don’t mean to rush it away, so bear with me as I jump into winter for a moment. I’m only doing so out of sheer delight. My first novella is releasing November 21, and I just can’t wait for another second to tell y’all about it. So without more fluffy intro that you probably don’t care about ;)…

Come back with me to Rock Creek (the setting of Reclaimed) and meet Kale, Sydney, Joe, and Craig.

Someone has noticed me. A secret admirer? A man with a good heart, who sees how much I oscoveractually need help, even though I never admit it? Maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful story—a romance full of hope and second chances and love.  


A secret Santa gift left on Kale Brennan’s front porch opens up a fresh view of her ordinary life, and perhaps of God. Maybe she does matter. Maybe God sees her—as does a new-to-town music teacher who has her seven-year-old daughter gushing and her own knees buckling with his killer smile. But as Kale embraces new possibilities, a staple in her life—a man who is kind and steady, not to mention necessary for her injured daughter’s recovery—also snatches her attention in an unexpected way. Will the one pursuing her with his secret gift and kind gestures be the one her heart longs for in the end?

I had so much fun writing this little story (although, I confess, and my writing/critique partners will testify, somewhere in the middle of it I decided it was the dumbest thing I’d ever written. I was wrong. This book really grabbed my heart in an unexpected, joyful way). Going back to Rock Creek, meeting some new friends in that lovely little town, and catching a glimpse of Suzanna Rustin was as refreshing as a brisk day blanketed with new snow. My prayer as I wrote was, “God, show me joy again. Whisper new life…”

And He absolutely did. He is so good.

Ordinary Snowflakes is on Amazon. And…I’m thrilled to announce that it is also available on audio.

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