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Cover Reveal! The Resistance-A dystopian novel from a Christian world view.

There’s something about getting the finalized version of a book cover.

Makes all of the work seem like it’s been wrapped up, that awesome cover the final bow on the package. To be honest, I was nervous about this cover. This genre can be tough–I mean dystopian science fiction from a Christian world view? Talk about niche. Getting the first impression right is essential. I’ve seen some fairly meh covers for this genre (please note, I’ve seen some outstanding covers for YA spec/dystopian too. That’s where I wanted the cover for The Resistance to fall).

I have to say, Roseanna White exceeded my expectations for this one! So, without anymore waxing and waning…

The Resistance dystopian science fiction


Need more? How about a back cover copy teaser?


No one stirred in the area—people stayed in their little hovels. Hiding, most likely. From the cold, the helplessness. Maybe from the Party. Staying out of sight, like cockroaches.

I am not a cockroach. 


“Apathy is the illness of the overprivileged…” Words laced with fear—and maybe a hint of prophecy. His father’s words. Words Braxton would prefer to ignore.

Braxton Luther is sixteen when the Progressive Reform Party takes over the government. It can’t be that bad. So they don’t want religion in government—that’s constitutional. He can’t understand his church’s hypersensitive reaction or his father’s cryptic warning to stand against the Party’s ultimatums.

But after living under the new government for a year, Braxton faces a choice—conform to the demands of the ungodded in order to protect his best friend, Eliza, or defy the system and go into hiding, ensuring a life of misery. Still certain that life will settle back into normalcy in the near future, Braxton chooses compliance.

Then the killings begin, and Eliza is captured and sent to Reformation Camp for her resistance. Reality finally sinks in. Defiance is no longer optional.

And finally, just so we all know that, yes, this is really, really Christian dystopian science fiction is really happening…

A preorder link. 😉

Enter the upturned world of Braxton and Eliza. Ask yourself…

Will you stand?


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